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JfControls General Features





Administration of Packages for maintaining configuration data.

Multilanguage at run and design time.

Multi-configuration at run and design time of colors, fonts, backgrounds and images.

Centralized configuration for colors, fonts, backgrounds, images, strings, messages and text.  

Image-shaped forms and buttons. Dynamic effects for buttons. Regions handling.

Transparencies capabilities for all components.

Images package container that can, simultaneously, store any graphic format.

Variables package for manual and automatic configurations of the application.

Regional configuration contained within the packages.

Label associated to all the controls.

Multiple procedures and functions that simplify applications development.

We have solved several traditional problems.  

New mask administration with multi-location.

Data type administration for all controls.

Special system to optimise the use of system resources.

Fully customisable Menu bars.

More than 40 shape types for labels and buttons.

Image buttons that dynamically change backgrounds and/or images according their status.

Embedded forms.        

Control to render images of any graphic format.

TJfPageControl component completely re-written and customisable.

Status Bar completely customisable with predefined section information displays.

TJfLabel component with shapes, rotated angles, images and multi-line.

Edit fields with linked buttons.   

Buttons bar for linked administration and navigation of the images, texts and data aware components.

Manipulation capabilities of Rich Text enhanced.

Fully customisable Progress bar.

TJfOutLookBar component with different appearances and dynamic effects
TJfShape component
TJfPkgImage component to display images from your packages
Fully customisable TJfUpDown component. 
TJfRuler component to handle rulers with different measures, zoom, alignment, etc
Components to deal with your fonts, colors and printers.

Privileges administration.

Fully customisable calculator and calendar incorporated.

74 fully customisable components.
13 data aware components.
10 components to visualize the different elements within the packages.

Visual manual.

Complete context help for Delphi.

Source code of our JfControls Standard demo applications.
TJfDbGrid component highly sophisticated and customisable (sorting, summary, filters, inplaceeditors, buttons, backgrounds, colors, fonts, images, incremental search, etc.)..  
TJfDbLookupComboBox component highly sophisticated and customisable.  
TJfGrid component highly sophisticated and customisable.  
TJfTree component highly sophisticated and customisable.  
TJfDbLookupLabel component highly sophisticated and customisable.  
TJfTreePrivileges component to control the users permits. (Superusers, administrators and users)  
Sample application WEB style.  
Program "JfControls Translator" to translate and create packages of language.  
JfControls Grid tutorial.  
Full source code.    
JfControls Translator source code.    
 PkgExplorer source code.    

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