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General features (Page #2):

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This component can be visualized in several ways, and also can work in several ways: normal, checks, historylist, ....



This component support several ways of being visualized, many types of check marks, multiline options, etc.





Fully customisable Scroll Bars.


This component support several ways of being visualized, gradients, watermarks, images, etc.



This component support several ways of being visualized, different measures, zoom, alignments, etc.



This component support several ways of being visualized, images, gradients, watermarks, shapes, rotated text, etc.



This component will allow you to take a look at your images inside the packages.



Use this component to visualize the backgrounds inside your backgrounds package.



Use this component to visualize your fonts within the fonts package.


Componentes Data-Aware

JfControls provides all type of data aware components with  lots of functionalities, use them to create functional and colorful records.



Visual manual.

JfControls comes with a complete and very visual tutorial developed to facilitate your adaptation to this new set of components, follow its chapters in order to take fully advantage of the library upon developing your own applications.

Complete context help from Delphi.

We have also included a complete context help file that you will be able to call from Delphi, use it to find a comprehensible explanation about each and every class, property, method, event, procedure and function of JfControls.


However, and despite these few explanations, it's almost impossible to offer a detailed explanation about the functionalities and possiblities of JfControls just with these two pages, so, you will have to check them out.

Don't hesitate, download our Trial version now.

JfControls PkgsLibrary:

For our registered users we have created a ready-made skins library for buttons, windows and panels at no additional cost! Forward your design requests to us and we will ensure that they are included in the next release of the Images Library.

The latest version of the images library, for registered users only, with new
designs and a demo program is available in the downloads section.



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