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Before downloading the Trial Versions  it is necessary to download the installation program ( JfSetup ). The installation program has been specifically designed to manage the installation of all our component libraries and accessories. This helps to speed up the update process of new revisions due the continued evolution and enhancements of our products.

Please download the JfSetup program and install it prior to downloading any other files.

Once the JfSetup program has been installed simply download the required Zip file. Inside the Zip file you will find a file with a '.stp' extension that can be extracted to a Temp directory. Run the JfSetup program and click on the ‘Add’ button to select the ‘.stp’ file to install. Once the desired file has been selected click on OK; the setup program will then proceed to install the selected library.


General program for installations. (966.5 KB)

Sources (Registered Users)

Source of the JfControls library (1.7 MB)

Source of the JfControls Translator (251.4 KB)

Source of the JfControls PkgExplorer (87.8 KB)

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